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If ever there was a centrepiece for a dinner table, it must be Sirloin Rib-Roast. Just the thought of it makes most people shiver with delight. We hang our Sirloins for at least 3 weeks and then carefully trim back all the excess and remove the base of the bone for easy carving. We are left with a 'French trimmed' joint ready for the oven. Use the meat juices to make the best gravy.  Sold to you in 3 sizes.  Local grass-fed cattle finished to the highest standards.

Sold in

2 rib - 1.9Kg-2.1Kg - Serves 5/6

3 rib - 2.8Kg-3.2Kg - Serves 8+

4 rib - 3.7Kg-4.3Kg - Serves 10+

Bone-In Sirloin Rib Roast

PriceFrom £79.00
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