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How we source our meats | Our Beef

For some time we have sourced our meats from local farmers. The full history of every animal we purchase is provided, but quality does not, of course, only come from the breed - it comes from good care & good feeding, not to mention the maturation and preparation of the meat once it reaches the shop. Our beef were born and bread in Scotland and must be certified by Scottish assured stock. The farmers must be able to provide us with a full traceability from start to finish, including a completely GM-free assurance. Most importantly, we only use the abattoir who is a member of the specially Select Scotch Scheme and abides by their slaughter guidelines.

Image by Chris Boese

Our Pork

OUR PORK: At Crombies, we usually select pork from mature age between 22 and 24 weeks rather than the more common 18-week ‘cutting pig’ age. This allows for a fuller development of flavour of the pork, and a size to suit our bacon & ham production. Furthermore, our pigs were also born and bred in Scotland. To be precise,  they were also bred outdoors and fed by natural food. Most importantly, we always carefully select the farmer who can ensure us the maximum quality and prove us that the welfare of animal is at their heart. We believe that by setting a certain commitment between us and our supplier, this will lead to the great standard to our customers.

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Our Lamb

We buy our Scotch Lamb through the Scottish livestock markets where we can choose from the best that is available, and select the farms most suitable. Most are bought through the Stirling market, although on occasion through the market at St Boswell’s. Crombies is a member of Scotch Butchers’ Club and is regularly inspected to ensure that when we display the Scotch Lamb logo we can vouch for the authenticity of our sourcing. Of all the meats produced, lamb must surely be the most naturally-produced meat there is, and has some of the finest flavours. Scotch Lamb takes its sweet flavour from the heather hills and the grasslands of lowland farms. Grass-fed animals produce a better-quality and tastier meat due to high levels of natural vitamins and minerals. 


The extensive hill production system, and Scotland’s exceptionally low stocking rates where animals are free to forage, allows each sheep more than a hectare upon which to graze. Lambs entering the food chain, and bearing the Scotch Lamb stamp, are guaranteed to have been raised as part of Quality Meat Scotland’s Assurance Scheme guaranteeing high standards of production throughout the chain from the farm gate to customer’s plate. All member businesses, be they butchers, farmers, feed suppliers, hauliers, auctioneers or processors are independently inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting the high standards required. 


Occasionally we also source our lamb from the finest field in Shetland, where many people claim the best place to breed lamb in Scotland. The vast land is historic reputation of producing delicious mutton. The farm in Shetland is covered by natural heather which is the finest source of vitamin for young cheeps. This could be a secret of why Shetland lamb become popular in its high quality and finest texture. 

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