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Our unique blend of spices, lamb and beef make our haggis really tasty. They are a great source of iron, fibre and protein. These bulk catering rolls come in 1.5kg rolls.

1-5 Rolls - £10.50

6-10 Rolls - £9.50

11-20 Rolls - £8.50

Bulk Catering Haggis 1.5 Kg each

SKU: 3917
PriceFrom £10.50
  • Haggis [Offal: Lamb Lobes, OATMEAL (OAT), Beef fat, Stock, Beef Liver, Onions, Lamb Fat, Salt, Spices]
    Please see allergens in BOLD

    To cook: Preheat the oven to @170C (No FAN), place the stick on the oven tray and add some cold water. (Do not remove the casing). Cook for 1 hour or until piping hot - cook until internal temp reaches 80 C degree. TOP UP WATER AS REQUIRED

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