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We partially debone the chicken leaving the leg intact for appearance.  Coated in a choice of 3 delicious marinades:

Piri Piri, Garlic & Herb or Ginger, Lemon & Chilli.
Easy to cook and a delight to eat.  
Minimum weight 1Kg  Feeds 3 comfortably.

Chicken Spatchcock

  • To cook: Remove film , roast in oven @ 190c for 70 - 80 minutes.  Ensure thoroughly cooked

    Ginger-Lemon:- Chicken(94%), Marinade (74% vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), vegetables (paprika, garlic, onion), natural flavourings, dextrose, spices (2% ginger, pepper, 1% chillies), salt, 1% lemon juice concentrate, parsley, food acid: citric acid, paprika concentrate, 0,1% lemon peels). 
    Garlic Herb:- Chicken(94%), Marinade ( 73% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, lineseed), vegetables (garlic, sweet pepper), salt, olive oil, natural flavourings, herbs, dextrose, peppers). 
    PiriPiri:- Chicken(94%), Marinade ( 78% Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, linseed), vegetables (garlic, bell pepper, tomato), salt, spices (peppers, chillies, paprika, jalapeño pepper, cumin), natural flavourings, paprika concentrate, herbs , food acid: citric acid.
    Allergy Advice :No known allergens
    Use within 2 days of purchase

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