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The ultimate pack to bring the biggest smile to any man.  

1 x Pork Loin Tomahawk steak

2 x 250g Rib eye Beef steaks

1 x 7 chop Rack of Lamb

4 x Jumbo Steak burgers

4 x Lucifers Matchsticks sausages

4 x Caramelised Onion sausages

1 x pack of 6 St. Pierre Burger Buns

2 x bottles of Wilkin & Sons tasty sauces,

Barbeque Sauce and Quite Hot Tomato Ketchup.

Meat content 2.7Kg.  

Fathers Day Gift Bundle

£63.55 Regular Price
£55.00Sale Price
  • Pork Tomahawk x 1 - Sweet BBQ Marinade (No know allergy for marinade)

    2 x 250g Rib Eye 

    Rack of Lamb – Garlic Butter marinade (No know allergy for marinade)

    Jumbo burgers (Wheat, Sulphites, Soya)

    Lucifers (Wheat, Sulphite, Soya, Mustard)

    Caramelised onion (What, Sulphites)

    2 sauces  (BBQ Sauce - Mustard) & (Hot Tomatoes Ketchup - No known allergy)

    6 burger buns (Egg, Wheat,  Milk)

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