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Our own cured Gammon joints from our own pigs produced by Tommy Wilkinson in Hawick.  

Available in 4 sizes.

Larger joints by request.

Gammon Joints

PriceFrom £9.00
  • Pork (100%), Salt cure (Salt (80-90%), Sugar (10-20%), Preservatives (E250 (0.80%), E251 (0.50%)), Antioxidant (E301) (<2%)
    Contains preservatives and antioxidant
    Allergy Advice : No known allergens

    To cook: Remove wrapping. Use large saucepan or soup pot cover with water, bring to the boil, reduce heat to a simmer. Allow at least one hour plus 1/2 hour for every 1/2 kilo above 1 kg. Take off the heat and cool slightly in the water before removing ham. Add onion and carrot for extra flavour.

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