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We are often asked for a breakfast pack so here it is.  We will include


6 x Special Pork Sausages

4 x Fresh Lorne sausage

4 x Black Pudding

4 x Haggis slices

1 Pack of  200g. Unsmoked Back Bacon slices (6-8 Slices)

All the items are made fresh instore and are suitable fro home freezing.  

Sausages, black pudding and haggis packed in compostable trays suitable for the freezer.

For a true taste of the best in Scottish Breakfasts, you simply must try ours!

Swap out the black pudding for a small Stornoway Black pudding for £2.50.

Scottish Breakfast Pack

SKU: 3200
PriceFrom £16.80
  • Special Pork Sausages: WHEAT, SULPHITES (may contain traces of soya, mustard, cheese, celery)

    Fresh Lorne sausage: WHEAT, SULPHITES, SOYA  (may contain traces of soya, mustard, cheese, celery)

    Black Pudding: WHEAT GLUTEN

    Haggis slices: OAT GLUTEN

    Back Bacon slices: Contains Preservatives, Antioxidant, E250, E251, E301

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